The Mani-Om-Sah Institute

Welcome to the Mani-Om-Sah Institute with its headquarters located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Mani-Om-Sah is a Sanskrit construction in reference to an astral world that will be discussed in this introduction.

We are dedicated to assisting all those who desire to escape the cycles of birth and death and all the associated karma that keeps us cycling between this Earth and its astral counterpart. We acknowledge that Lucifer is the god of this world, and that karma is but one of the many traps he uses to keep us bound here.

The Mani-Om-Sah Institute can help you escape this earth and its associated “astral realms” by way of the knowledge gained through the use of discourses and/or workshops. Our Institute has also facilitated the establishment of the astral world mentioned above, called Mani- Om-Sah. This is a place for those who either require, or simply desire a resting place among others who are of like mind and vibrational frequency, after the death of the physical body. No one needs to take advantage of this offer; it’s just available for those who choose to do so.

At the Mani-Om-Sah Institute, we believe that anyone who wishes to transcend this world and its associated astral realms should do so through his or her connection to the Higher Self, rather than follow any guru, savior, or religious dogma. We merely offer knowledge of the traps, as well as the solutions that we have found to work. Your salvation comes by way of your own efforts and dedication to your own individual path. With all this said, We now encourage you to go to the information section of our website to learn more about our institute and what it has to offer.